What is Aleppo Soap?

Savon d'Alep (Aleppo Soap)

Savon d'Alep has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It gets its name from the city of Aleppo, Syria where the ancient Soap Masters engaged in the art of soap making. Our Soap Master was forced to leave Syria due to the tragic war, but the spirit of Aleppo lives on in this beautiful product. Aleppo Soap is near to our hearts for many reasons. What makes our soap so special?

  • It is crafted by a Syrian Aleppo Soap Master
  • It is hand made via the hot method & takes 9 months to dry
  • It is pure and made of 4 simple ingredients: olive oil, laurel bay oil, lye, and water (scented bars have fragrance)
  • It contains NO parabens or preservatives
  • As a Los Angeles based social entrepreneurship, we are honored to engage Homeboy Industries in our packaging
  • We are proud to give 5% of wholesale/ 10% retail of our Aleppo soap sales to Syrian refugees via the Jesuit Refugee Service

It is also simply a wonderful product. It leaves the skin neither greasy nor dry. It smells and feels divine, and its ancient origins and purity come across with every use.

Savon d'Alep improves with aging and whilst the exterior of the soap lightens into a golden tan color, the inside remains green. The older it gets (the drier it gets), the longer it lasts when being used.

It comes in 2 sizes:  the 100 gram square & the 200 gram block.